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Chipotle Fundraiser – Feb 1st!

Let’s get our guac on!  Come and have dinner with friends and family at Chipotle in Rancho Cucamonga Tuesday, February 1st anytime between 4PM to 8PM.  Make sure to show the flyer (or mention the school fundraiser) to the cashier before paying or for online pick-up orders, make sure to use the Promo Code: QFWD9B7.  The more orders they get, the more we’ll raise!  So spread the word!!

How much does Chipotle give back?
They give back 33% of the proceeds brought in by our supporters (pre-tax), meaning if our supporters bring in $150, they will send us a check for $50.

What do people have to do in order to have their purchase count?
In order for our purchase to count towards the fundraiser, our supporters must either
a) verbally tell the cashier of their participation,
b) show a physical fundraiser flyer,
c) show a digital flyer on a smartphone or other mobile device, or
d) use the fundraiser’s online ordering code to place an order for pickup through the Chipotle app or website. Remember, delivery orders or orders placed at a different time/location than the scheduled event will not count towards the fundraiser.

If we order Catering or a Burritos by the Box, will it count towards our fundraiser?
Yes! But, you’ll have to follow this simple process: Call 1-800-CHIPOTLE to place your order (at least 24 hours in advance) to be picked up during the timeframe of our fundraiser and let them know that you want to pay upon pickup. When you pick up your order, alert the cashier before payment that you would like it to count towards the fundraiser. And just like that, 33% goes back to our group!

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