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The Best Combination of Biblical Teaching and CA Standards

At San Antonio Christian School we encourage students to look to Christ as the only true example of excellence.  We provide incentives and recognition in order to motivate students to  challenge themselves and work at their personal highest level of scholastic performance, making sure that they are rewarded for their efforts.  Our curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and the State of California.  

TK & Kindergarten

Bible, English Language Arts, Science and Social Studies:  Stepping Stones – A Journey to Excellence through Discovery

This is a faith-based comprehensive theme curriculum based on the Bible as well as national standards which guides kindergarten children into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Math:  Big Ideas 

This program balances teacher-directed instruction with student hands-on learning engagement.

1st - 8th Grade

Bible:  Encounter Bible

The new grades 1-12 NAD ENCOUNTER Curriculum “has a Biblical discipleship focus, and seeks to transform students’ lives and equip them to walk with God.”

Math:  Big Ideas

This program balances teacher-directed instruction with student hands-on learning engagement.

Science:  ByDesign

ByDesign encourages students to question and explore.  Through investigation and research students build foundational knowledge and skills that prepare them to understand the world around them.

Reading & Writing:  Lucy Calkins Units of Study

Teaching students to be confident life-long readers and writers is the goal of this curriculum.  We realize that the joy of reading opens the doors for our students to learn in every other area of study.

Social Studies

Our curriculum varies depending on grade level, but is focused on teaching the students to look at our world from the prospective of their immediate environment to a more abstract world view.

Physical Education

Our body is the Temple of God.  At every stage of life, it is important that we learn to appreciate and care for it.  Our physical education program consists of teaching habits and skills that will instill in students the value of keeping our mind and body functioning at its best.  Students also learn that teamwork takes cooperation and adaptability.


Students are introduced to a variety of creative expression including drama, music, drawing, painting, etc.