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Academic Policy

Academic Policy

Academic Excellence: As Christians, we look to Christ as an example of excellence and the school provides incentives and recognition to achieve this purpose. Students who have challenged themselves in achieving the highest level of scholastic performance are rewarded for their efforts.

Change of Requirements: SACS reserves the right to change or add course requirements to meet State and Conference recommendations, at any time.

Grade Reports: Grade reports are issued to the parents or guardians and to students at the close of each quarter (nine-week period). All grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record. An interim report will be sent to parents at the midpoint in the nine-week’s grading period. Renweb is the grading system used by SACS and is available 24/7 for parents and students to check progress. Please see your child’s teacher or principal if you have trouble accessing Renweb.

Grading System


  • I – Independently achieves objectives and performs skills

  • P – Progressing towards objectives and performing skills

  • NT – Needs more time to develop

Grades 1/2:

  • E – Doing very well

  • S – Making acceptable progress

  • N – More progress needed

Grades 3-8:

  • A – Superior

  • B – Above Average

  • C – Average

  • D – Unsatisfactory

  • I – Incomplete

  • F – Failure