Academic Excellence: As Christians we look to Christ as an example of excellence and the school provides incentives and recognition to achieve this purpose. Students who have challenged themselves in achieving the highest level of scholastic performance are rewarded for their efforts.

Change of Requirements: SACS reserves the right to change or add course requirements to meet State and Conference recommendations, at any time.

Grade Reports: Grade reports are issued to the parents or guardians and to students at the close of each quarter (nine-week period). All grades are recorded on the student’s permanent record. An interim report will be sent to parents at the midpoint in the nine-week’s grading period. Renweb is the grading system used by SACS and is available 24/7 for parents and students to check progress. Please see your child’s teacher or principal if you have trouble accessing Renweb.

Grading System


  • + CONSISTENTLY DISPLAYED – The student consistently displays an understanding of the concepts or behaviors.

  • 3 DEVELOPING – The student is working towards an understanding of the concepts or behaviors.

  • 0 NOT EVIDENT – The student has not yet demonstrated an understanding of the concepts or behavior.

  • N/A NOT APPLICABLE – The student has not been introduced to the concepts or behaviors.

Grades 1/2:

  • E – Doing very well

  • S – Making acceptable progress

  • N – More progress needed

Grades 3-8:

  • A – Superior

  • B – Above Average

  • C – Average

  • D – Unsatisfactory

  • I – Incomplete

  • F – Failure

These letter grades have the following numerical values in computing grade point averages:


Incomplete: A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is given when for legitimate reasons the student is unable to sufficient work in any given period to receive a satisfactory grade. Period and semester incompletes must be removed within two weeks after the period or semester has ended, except by action of the principal. If work is not made up at the end of the specific period, the principal will request a grade from the teacher on the work completed unless other arrangements have been made with the teacher and principal.

Academic Probation: Students whose GPA falls below 1.5 or who fail two (2) subjects at the end of the grading period will be placed on Academic Probation for the next grading period.

If the student’s grade at the end of the next grading period is still below 1.5, the case will be reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee that will, in turn, make recommendations to the Principal. Recommendations may include withdrawing the student from class standing and/or be suspended from extracurricular activities. If the student’s GPA is still below 1.5 or he/she fails two (2) subjects after two (2) consecutive reviews by the Academic Standards committee, the student will be recommended to be withdrawn from SACS.

The student may remain in school only if his/her GPA has risen above 1.5 or at the discretion of the principal.

Failure of a Fourth Nine-Weeks Subject: If a student fails any subject during the fourth nine weeks, the course(s) that the student fails will have to be repeated to receive credit.

Sports and/ or extracurricular activities: A student belonging to any sport and/or extracurricular activities must maintain passing grades. To be eligible, each week a student must have:

  1. No “F”

  2. No more than two (2) “D’s” in separate subjects.

If a student receives an “F”, he/she may erase the “F before waiting until the next eligibility list is posted. To accomplish this, the student must work within the guidelines that the teacher sets up. Teachers must have guidelines, and share these with the student involved.

This make-up work will be graded by the teacher, and will be done between the teacher and student without any outside intervention from coaches/sponsors. The time period will be decided by the teacher, but should be in keeping with the intent of the rule to allow for eligibility before the next weekly date. If a pattern develops by the student, where the student is consistently abusing the program and continually registers unacceptable grades, the teacher retains the right to have the original grade remain until the next eligibility list is posted the following week.

Small Music Group Eligibility: The choir director may choose choral students who show speed and proficiency in learning their parts. This group learns more challenging music.


At the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter an Honor Roll list will be published for grades 7-8 and an awards assembly will be held.

There are four categories of awards:

  1. Academic Achievement

  2. Attendance (no absences, may have tardies)

  3. Perfect Attendance

  4. Punctuality

Principal’s Award

  1. Academic Achievement
    Three levels of achievements will be awarded under this category:


    1. a.Students with an “A” average are classified “High Honors”.

    2. b.Students with a “B” average are classified “Honors”



PFE Scholarships are available. Pleas contact the office for more information.

PFE Scholarships are available. Pleas contact the office for more information.

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